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Flat Roofing in Longview

Protect the vulnerable areas of your home or business with a variety of quality flat roofing materials.

  • Specialty roof installations and repairs
  • Weather-resistant options
  • Preferred local contractor

Flat roofs done 99% right will leak 100% of the time

Leak-proof roofing services

Clean Cut Roofing has its roots in installing and maintaining flat roofing in Longview. For years we were known for our specialty flat roof installations and repairs. East Texas homes and businesses have trusted Clean Cut Roofing with their low slope transitions for years. Residential low slope roofing can generally be divided up into two broad categories: larger flat roofed applications (low slope) such as residential condominium complexes, row homes, and town houses and smaller applications such as residential porch and garage transitions from the main home where the slope of the roof changes dramatically from steep slope to low slope on the same structure. Whatever application you are looking for, Clean Cut Roofing is the preferred local installer of flat roofing systems in Longview.

Flat Roof Options





Suitable for a variety of low-slope commercial roofing applications, Firestone UltraPly™ TPO roofing membrane is a sustainable roofing solution for a wide range of building types.

UltraPly TPO membrane also offers design options with panels available in reflective white, tan or gray, which can help reduce a building’s cooling requirements. White and tan UltraPly TPO membranes meet the California Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings (Title 24). These standards define cool roofs in California to have a minimum three-year aged reflectance of 0.55 and a minimum thermal emittance of 0.75 for low-sloped nonresidential buildings.

White and tan UltraPly TPO membranes are listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

  • Ozone and Chemical resistant
  • Flexible
  • Hot-air welded membrane
  • Puncture resistant
  • Reduces roof’s surface temperature
  • Can add LEED points
  • Hail Resistant – Underwriters Laboratories
  • Class-4 Rating
  • Fire & Wind Resistant
  • 24 Gauge – Commercial Grade Steel
  • Energy Efficient
  • Greater Life Expectancy & Durability
  • Possible Insurance Savings


Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems incorporate a synthetic rubber-based technology which yields exceptional flexibility, even in extremely low temperatures. Available in a variety of thicknesses in smooth and granule surfaces, SBS membranes may be installed in hot asphalt, cold adhesive or may be heat welded.

  • Proprietary compounds with select grades of refined asphalt contribute to durability, flexibility, and strength.
  • Elongation properties and flexibility help resist thermal and structural movement, even in cold temperatures, contributing to the longevity of your roofing system.
  • Fiberglass lends strength and stability to the membrane.
  • A polyester mat provides elongation and allows for movement and flexibility, helping to resist punctures and tears.


Appropriate for a wide range of low-slope commercial roofing applications, Firestone’s PVC roofing membrane is a durable, chemical and grease resistant roofing solution for a variety of building types.

Plus, PVC is self-extinguishing, making it one of the most fire-resistant single-ply roofing membranes available today. Firestone’s PVC system is also a cool roof solution that’s designed to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat, helping mitigate the urban heat island effect. This mitigation helps lower heat transfer to a commercial building’s interior and decrease air conditioning demands, keeping occupants comfortable and building owners satisfied.

  • Chemicals, grease, and fire–they don’t stand a chance, because Firestone PVC roofing membranes can stand up to them all. Firestone’s PVC roofing formulation is chemical, grease, and animal fat-resistant, with strong heat-welded seams that form a permanent, watertight bond and require no seam adhesives, tapes, or caulks.
  • PVC roofing systems are effective in hot climates where peak loads and air conditioning are a concern. Firestone PVC membranes, in particular, are highly reflective and meet the California Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings (Title 24).

“Best experience dealing with contractors!”

Clean Cut did our gutters, scraped ceilings (painted and retextured), skim coated all walls, upgraded electrical box, replaced outlets, extensive electrical repair, demo and rebuilt kitchen with custom cabinets, and demo and replaced flooring throughout home. They did an outstanding job!

Lisa P.

“Would recommend them to anyone.”

The crew was very very professional and quick. They even found some damaged wood and had it repaired very quickly! And got my brand new gutters installed. Cleaned up every speck of dust after every single day. Not one single issue with the crew or the roof. Would recommend them to anyone.

Briggs D.

“Everyone was very friendly, always on time”

I had roof installation, new wood siding installed, repaired some old wood siding, power washed whole outside of home, painted the whole house, and installed gutters. Everyone was very friendly, always on time, professional and very organized. I would recommend them to everyone. Price was very reasonable. I would use this company again if needed!

Charly L.

“They even handled the paper work with insurance! ”

Clean Cut Roofing just put a new roof on my house and did an awesome job. It only took them two days to tear off the old and replace everything all new. They even handled the paper work with the insurance for the depreciation check. I would highly recommend giving them a call if you need a new roof or think you might have storm damage!

Terrence K.

Our satisfied customers

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