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Candle Care Beyond Compare. That's our motto, and it's our promise to you.

Like you, we love our candles, so we've made it easy, fun, and even... elegant, to care for your candles. Our exclusive line of candle accessories and tools will guarantee that your candles burn longer, stay cleaner, and smell better. Whether your passion is tea lights or pillars, take a look at our candle accessory line to ensure that the fragrance and beauty of your candle is never clouded by smoke, soot, or spilled wax.

Popular Candle Tools

Candle Cleanup Wax Remover (4 oz.)
Price: $6.97
Candle Cleanup Wax Remover (4 oz.)
Wax Remover (4 oz.) cleans up wax spills quickly
Dynamic Duo Candle Wick Trimmer & Wick Dipper
Price: $13.97
Dynamic Duo Candle Wick Trimmer & Wick Dipper
The patented 8" wick trimmer trims wicks 1/4" in tall candle holders and jars up to 11" as well as smaller holders or jars. The 7.5" spiral wick dipper extinguishes the flame without creating excess smoke or soot and coats the wick for easier relighting.

Each of our candle tools is both functional and elegant. Made from enduring stainless steel, our wick dippers and wick trimmers are, of course, accompanied by a lifetime guarantee. And, unlike many of life's more "functional" tools, our craftsmen have engraved our wick trimmers and adorned our wick trimmers with an eye to every detail. These tools will beautifully crown any candle in any home decor.

We believe that blowing out candles is an activity that should be reserved for birthday parties. The candles that grace your home with beauty and fragrance deserve something more. That's why we bring you the following CleanCut Candle Care tools to properly extinguish, trim, and clean your candles:

         Candle Wick Dippers
         Candle Wick Trimmers
         Tealight Tongs
         Candle Wax Remover

CleanCut specializes in candle care accessories for the retail and wholesale markets. Unlike other accessory suppliers, we do not sell candles. We are, very simply, your expert in candle care and specialize in those products that will make your chosen candle even more satisfying.

To learn more about caring for your candles, watch our Candle Care Videos as CleanCut describes proper candle care:


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