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brick home with asphalt roof and porch overhang
brick home with asphalt roof and porch overhang

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Best Storm Damage Roof Repairs in Van, TX

There’s no denying that dealing with roof repairs can be a daunting task that adds stress to your everyday life. At Clean Cut Roofing, we understand just how overwhelming it can get, which is why we’re committed to simplifying the roof repair process for you. Your comfort and peace of mind are our priorities. We take care of all the hard work and deliver unmatched quality service to your roof in Van. Our skilled team of roofers stands ready to address any roof repair your home may need after the next tempest!

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new kitchen remodel with modern design

“Best experience dealing with contractors!”

Clean Cut did our gutters, scraped ceilings (painted and retextured), skim coated all walls, upgraded electrical box, replaced outlets, extensive electrical repair, demo and rebuilt kitchen with custom cabinets, and demo and replaced flooring throughout home. They did an outstanding job!

Lisa P.

brick home with small overhang

“Would recommend them to anyone.”

The crew was very very professional and quick. They even found some damaged wood and had it repaired very quickly! And got my brand new gutters installed. Cleaned up every speck of dust after every single day. Not one single issue with the crew or the roof. Would recommend them to anyone.

Briggs D.

brick home in charly

“Everyone was very friendly, always on time”

I had roof installation, new wood siding installed, repaired some old wood siding, power washed whole outside of home, painted the whole house, and installed gutters. Everyone was very friendly, always on time, professional and very organized. I would recommend them to everyone. Price was very reasonable. I would use this company again if needed!

Charly L.

one story brick home in terrence

“They even handled the paper work with insurance! ”

Clean Cut Roofing just put a new roof on my house and did an awesome job. It only took them two days to tear off the old and replace everything all new. They even handled the paper work with the insurance for the depreciation check. I would highly recommend giving them a call if you need a new roof or think you might have storm damage!

Terrence K.

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Various Financing Options

At Clean Cut, we’re vested in making life more comfortable for you. We’re aware that home projects can be a significant financial undertaking, so our role is to alleviate the burden so you don’t have to exhaust your resources. In partnership with Hearth Financing, we’re here to provide you with numerous financing alternatives for your project, regardless of its size! Review your financing options, secure pre-approval, and determine your monthly payments in a stress-free environment. Our customized financing plans are designed to accommodate all budgets.

Five Advantages of Prompt Roof Repairs After a Storm


Storms are notorious for causing severe damage to roofs, and postponing repairs can lead to escalated problems in the future. Here are five benefits of swift roof repairs following a storm:

1. Avert Additional Damage

Storms can cause considerable damage to your roof from powerful winds, hail, falling debris, and torrential rain. Even seemingly minor damage can escalate if not addressed promptly. By proceeding with repairs swiftly, you can stop minor issues from turning into significant problems later on. Early repairs can be cost-effective in the long run by avoiding expensive repairs or premature roof replacement.

2. Safeguard Your Home’s

A damaged roof can lead to water infiltration into your home, promoting water stains, mold proliferation, and structural degradation. Leaks can affect the attic, ceilings, walls, and even the electrical systems, posing potential safety threats and health risks. Promptly addressing roof damage ensures the protection of your home’s interior and maintains its structural stability.

3. Preserve Property Value

Your home is a substantial investment, and its value is heavily contingent on its condition. A damaged roof can negatively impact your home’s aesthetic appeal and overall worth. Prospective buyers may hesitate to invest in a home with unresolved roof problems, causing delays in sales or reduced bids. By conducting prompt roof repairs, you can maintain your property’s value and attract more potential buyers when you decide to sell.

4. Confirm Insurance Coverage

Numerous homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage to roofs caused by storms, but often there is a deadline to file a claim. Failing to promptly address roof damage may jeopardize your claim due to late reporting. By initiating prompt repairs after a storm, you can document the damage and file an insurance claim within the stipulated timeframe, enhancing your chances of receiving coverage for repairs.

5. Achieve Peace of Mind

Managing roof damage can be stressful, particularly if concerns about additional damage or safety threats linger. Fast repairs provide reassurance that your home is safe and that you’ve actively addressed the challenge. Instead of being preoccupied with leaks or structural concerns, you can prioritize enjoying your home and spending quality time with your family.

Don’t delay dealing with roof damage after a storm. Swift repairs prevent escalating damage, protect your home’s interior, uphold its value, guarantee insurance coverage, and offer peace of mind. If a recent storm has affected your home, don’t hesitate to consult a trustworthy roofing contractor to evaluate the damage and provide immediate repairs. Your home—and your finances—will be grateful!

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Rely on Van's Most Trusted Storm Damage Team

When you need superior quality roof repairs following a storm, consider our experienced team of storm damage roofers to shield your Van home. Our flexible financing options, competitive warranties, and transparent communication ensure that our contractors provide the most effective roofing solutions.

“We do Clean Cut work!”

“Roofing is a trade that is built on exactness and precision. The more care and skill one puts into the project, the better it looks and the longer it lasts, and that is why we chose to use this name – we do Clean Cut work!”

Dos Roussow - Owner and CEO

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