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New roof being installed
New roof being installed

How Long Does a Commercial Roof Replacement Take?

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October 20, 2023

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Roof replacement for a commercial building can seem overwhelming, especially considering the time it will take. It’s important to know that factors such as square footage and roofing materials may significantly affect the duration of this process.

This article will provide essential insights into how long does a commercial roof replacement take and what variables can impact this timeline. Ready to explore? Let’s plunge right in!

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Factors Affecting the Duration of Commercial Roof Replacement

New roof being installed

Several factors can influence the duration of a commercial roof replacement

  • The type of existing roof design 🏠
  •  Square footage of the building 🏫
  • Construction materials used ⚒️
  • Weather conditions during installation ⛈️
  • Potential for permit revisions ✍️

Type of Existing Roof Design

The type of existing roof design significantly impacts the duration and cost of a commercial roof replacement. A complex, intricate design will require more time and resources than a simple flat or sloped design.

Therefore, building owners must thoroughly assess their current roofing system before initiating the project. The existing roof’s condition also plays a crucial role, as severely damaged roofs may demand additional repair work which can add to the project timeline.

Square Footage of the Commercial Building

The square footage of the commercial building plays a crucial role in determining the duration of a roof replacement. A larger building, with its roofing surface area, generally takes more time to complete due to increased labor and material needs.

Larger buildings also require the removal of old roofs over an extended area, which can add up to the total project hours.

Conversely, if your commercial property’s square footage is small, expect a shorter project span. However, any existing roof issues might cause unexpected delays regardless of size.

Construction Materials

Roof building materials

Construction materials play a substantial role in determining the timeline of commercial roof replacement projects. Various factors, such as availability and delivery delays, can significantly impact the process.

A recent uptick in material shortages has seen some supplies taking up to six weeks for delivery, affecting the overall project duration. Roofing materials for larger commercial systems generally require more time due to their extensive needs, extending the replacement timeline.

Consequently, construction projects must account for potential disruptions and plan accordingly to ensure smooth operations during commercial roof replacements.

Weather Conditions

Lighting strike over a home with a newly installed roof.

Weather conditions play a crucial role in the duration of commercial roof replacement. Rain and snow can cause water to accumulate on roofing materials, which increases the risk of damage from leaks or corrosion.

Inclement weather can also disrupt the installation process, delaying the completion of the project. It’s important to consider weather forecasts and plan accordingly when scheduling a commercial roof replacement to avoid potential setbacks caused by unfavorable weather patterns.

Permit Revisions

Permit revisions play a significant role in determining the duration of commercial roof replacement projects. When making changes or alterations to commercial and multi-family buildings, construction permits are typically required.

That means roofing contractors must navigate through the permit process, which involves meeting building regulations and ensuring code compliance. The Commercial Building Plan Review Division reviews and approves plans for these types of buildings, accounting for inspection requirements based on chosen code requirements at the time of application.

The Process of Commercial Roof Replacement

The process of commercial roof replacement includes inspection and assessment, removal of the old roof, and installation of the new roof.

Inspection and Assessment

Roof inspector checking out a roof

During the inspection and assessment phase of a commercial roof replacement, an experienced roofing professional will evaluate the roof’s condition The process typically takes 30 minutes to an hour for a 20,000 sq. ft. roof.
The roofer may also take a small sample to analyze its condition more accurately. By thoroughly assessing the commercial roof, they can determine whether it needs repairs or a complete replacement, helping you make informed decisions about your roofing project.

Removal of the Old Roof

Removing the old roof is a critical step in commercial roof replacement. That involves taking apart the existing roofing system to install a new one.

The duration of this step can vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the roof and any underlying damage that needs to be addressed. It is imperative to have experienced professionals handle this task carefully to ensure that it is done efficiently and safely.

By removing the old roof, you are clearing the path for a fresh start and ensuring that your commercial building has a strong and durable new roofing system in place.

Installation of the New Roof

When installing a new roof, trained professionals will carefully place and secure roofing materials onto the commercial building. This process involves following specific guidelines to ensure the new roof is aligned and sealed.

With metal roofing panels, for example, if they get installed correctly, they can have a lifespan of over 60 years. 

Potential Disruptions During Commercial Roof Replacement

During a commercial roof replacement, several potential disruptions can occur. Construction noise is one major disruption that building tenants may have to deal with.

The sounds of hammers, drills, and other construction equipment can be loud and bothersome. In addition to the noise, unpleasant smells from roofing materials and adhesives can also disturb tenants.

Another potential disruption during a roof replacement is the presence of airborne particles. Dust and debris from the construction process can circulate in the air and get into the building.

This can cause discomfort for occupants and potentially trigger allergies or respiratory issues.

Tenant complaints are another common issue that may arise during a roof replacement project. Whether it’s due to noise, odors, or dust, tenants may express their dissatisfaction with the disruptions caused by the construction work taking place in their building.

Your Next Project

In conclusion, the duration of a commercial roof replacement project can vary depending on several factors. The size and design of the existing roof, as well as the square footage of the building, can impact how long it takes to complete the installation. The specific roofing material chosen for replacement and any necessary permit revisions can also affect the timeline. Consulting with a professional roofing contractor is essential in estimating the time needed for your commercial roof replacement. Contact us at Clean Cut Roofing today for your estimate today!

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